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3 tips to protect your online identity and accounts

Check out these three key tips for protecting your identity and accounts online.  

1)  Security Questions

The answers to your security questions may be easily found online.  Mat Honan explains why and offers some steps you can take to make them more secure. 

WIRED reporter Mat Honan explains to Natalie Morales how easily answers to security questions on accounts can be discovered, and offers a unique tip that could help make them more secure.

2)  'Two Factor Authentication'

One of the best ways to protect yourself and your data is to use two factor authentication whenever a site offers it.  Mat Honan explains how it works.

WIRED reporter Mat Honan explains one of the best ways to secure your accounts—it's called "two-factor authentication".

3) Too Common Passwords         

Be sure none of your passwords makes this list of the most common passwords for 2012.  Having such easy and guessable passwords leaves you vulnerable to a hack.