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Former NFL cheerleader and teen speak out on sex scandal

It was a case that made headlines across the country: a former NFL cheerleader and teacher accused of having sex with a student. Last week, the case ended in a plea deal, in which Sarah Jones pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct and custodial interference without having to serve any jail time.  Now, both teacher and student are telling their sides of the story exclusively to Dateline NBC.

“It is wrong for a teacher to have any type of relationship that crosses the line with a student,” says former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones in an interview set to air on Friday, October 19th at 10pm/9c.  Jones pled guilty on October 8th to having sex with then-17-year-old Cody York. She also admitted sending explicit text messages to York and lying to police.

“Do you feel guilty about what you did?” asked correspondent Jeff Rossen.

“Yeah, what I did was wrong,” answered Jones. “And I feel guilty as to what happened and that other people were hurt in this, in a sense from our families having to go through this.”

Speaking out exclusively for the first time, York, who is now 18, said he did not see himself as a victim in the case.

“I didn't like being called the victim, because I wasn't a victim,” York told Rossen. “I wasn't a victim of anything. She never did anything to me.”

“Did she manipulate you?” Rossen asked.

“Absolutely not,” said York.

“Use her power of authority over you?” Rossen asked.

“No, not at all,” York replied.

Dateline also interviewed others involved in the case, including prosecutor Sara Farmer, defense attorney Eric Deters and lead detective Julie Inman. The report about the case airs Friday, October 19th at 10pm/9c on NBC.

In their first interview together, ex-NFL cheerleader Sarah Jones and her former student Cody York open up about the sex scandal that sparked a media frenzy this summer. Jeff Rossen reports "Crossing the Line" on Friday, October 19th, at 10pm/9c.