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Dateline kicks off 21st season with a new twist: #MankAndMe

Dateline NBC launches its 21st season by giving a whole new meaning to “interactive” television.  On Friday, September 28, Dateline will send veteran correspondent Josh Mankiewicz to a viewer’s home to watch the season premiere.  Mankiewicz and his host for the evening will tweet live throughout the broadcast. 

“Talking to viewers on social media has become a big part of our Friday nights,” said Liz Cole, Executive Producer of Dateline.  “This is our way of taking that conversation to the next level.  What better way to kick off the new season than by watching it with Josh?”

Watch this web exclusive of Josh Mankiewicz showing you how he likes to 'Dateline', and how you might get a visit from him at home during Dateline's 21st season premiere.

“People always tell me that Dateline is part of their weekly routine,” said Mankiewicz.  “Now I can finally join someone when they’re Dateline-ing in their own element.  I’ll be tweeting throughout the show, so everyone can come along for the ride.”

Mankiewicz’s destination will be based on viewer suggestions received during a week-long Twitter campaign beginning Tuesday, September 18.  Viewers are encouraged to tweet a photo of where they “Dateline” each week, and to suggest where Josh would fit into their picture using the hashtag: #MankAndMe.  The broadcast will select the viewer whose tweet best celebrates the unique experience and that viewer will be joined by Mankiewicz on September 28. 

Watch the video below revealing the lucky fan who watched the Dateline season premiere with Josh:

Dateline NBC's Josh Mankiewicz reports from the home of one lucky fan who was selected from Dateline's #MankAndMe campaign to watch the season premiere of Dateline with Josh.


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