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Learn more about stories from 'Extreme Adventures'

Listen to the 'Top Ten 911 calls' as featured in Dateline NBC's report 'Extreme Adventures' from Sunday, July 22nd:  

A young girl recounts being kidnapped, taken on a high speed chase, having a gun put to her head, and surviving a shootout.

A skier disappears in an avalanche over the edge of a steep cliff.

A mother talks to a 911 operator while trapped in her apartment, which is engulfed in flames.

A man calls 911 from inside a trash truck as garbage is dumped on him and the compactor threatens to crush him.

A man gets pulled out to sea in his kayak – and realizes help may be a phone call away.

A 3-year-old girl may have saved her mother's life with a 911 call.

A woman follows a kidnapper in her car and leads police right to him after calling 911.

A 911 operator advises a man on how to deliver a baby in his car. "She was screaming in pain," he says.