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Statement from the Church of Scientology to Dateline NBC

The following is a statement from the Church of Scientology to Dateline NBC:

July 6, 2012

I am sorry to see that a respectable broadcast station such as NBC is accommodating excommunicated self-promoters who are sadly exploiting a private family matter for their own publicity and financial gain.

In answer to your questions: Marc Headley’s allegation that he videotaped auditions is a blatant lie. No one in the Church was ever involved in anyone’s marriage. There was never such a project. This is a tabloid rumor that has been around for years.

As you know, Marc Headley unsuccessfully sued the Church in Los Angeles Federal Court. Not only was his case thrown out, he was ordered by the judge to pay the Church’s substantial litigation fees. This is public record. Marc Headley is also on record as having sold stories to the tabloids for personal profit. He left the Church in January 2005 after attempting to embezzle funds for which he was under internal investigation.

Please see Freedom Magazine for more information:

The confidentiality of all ministerial communication is sacrosanct. This information is never given out. Please see FAQ at this link:

With respect to your question about what is a Suppressive Person, again see FAQ:
http://www.scientology.org/faq/scientology-attitudes-and-practices/what-is-a- suppressive-person.html

The Church has no comment on any individuals. This is a personal family matter and the Church respects their privacy. Please reflect our point of view in any broadcast you make and direct your viewers to our website, www.scientology.org, and post this statement on your website.

Thank you.