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Read the confession transcript of Barry Beach

Read the transcript below between Barry Beach and the Quachita Parish Sheriff's Office, as featured in the Dateline report 'Whispers in a Small Town' from Sunday, June 10th, at 7pm/6c.


STATEMENT FROM: Barry Allen Beach, a white male, DOB: 02-1 -62, 307 Clara Drive, Monroe, La.

IN RE: A Homicide which occurred in Wolf Point, Montana, which is Roosevelt County, Montana in June of 1979. The victim in this matter being a Kimberly Nees, a white female, approximately 17 or 18 years old at the time of her death. 

LOCATION: Ouachita Parish Courthouse Annex, Investigator's interrogation row. 

TAKEN BY: Sgt. Jay V1a and Commander Alfred Calhoun of the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office. 

Q. Would you state your full name for the record please? 

A: Barry Allen Beach. 

Q. Now, Barry, are you aware that everything we are saying is being recorded? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. And is that with your consent? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q.  Are you also aware that you have not been arrested, but that you are a suspect and we are going to question you regarding this homicide in Montana? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Prior to any questioning regarding this particular homicide, have youbeen advised of your constitutional rights? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Did I personally advise you of those rights? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. And have you been advised of those rights on numerous occasions? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. For the record I would like to read you this waiver that you have justsigned. If you have any questions, ask me and I'll explain it to you, okay? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. (Sgt. Via reads waiver -copy attached) Barry, is this your signature that appears at the bottom right hand 
portion of this page? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. This waiver witnessed by Sgt. Via and Commander Calhoun. Barry, before we actually get into the body of the statement, I need to know a little background about you~ How far did you go in school? 

A. The twelfth grade , 

Q. And did you complete the twelfth grade? 

A. Yes, sir, I graduated from Poplar High School. 

Q. And where is Poplar High Schopl? 

A. In Poplar, Montana. 

Q. Now, are you able to read, ,·,Trite and understand the English language? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Can you pick up a newspaper and read it and understand what is in it? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Do you have any difficulty in understanding anything that is going on? 

A. No, sir, not 

Q. Okay, are you presently under the influence of anY',Jllcohol or narcotic? 

A. No, sir. 

Q. Okay, and is it your desire to continue with this statement at this timl 

A. Yes, sir. ~. Now, Barry, has anyone forced you in any way to give this statement? 

A. No, sir. 

Q. Has anyone threatened you in any way to give this statement? 

A. No, sir. 

Q. Has anyone promised you anything in return for giving this statement? 

A. No, sir. 

Q. And again, is it your desire to continue? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Now, Barry, you heard me mention a young lady by the name of KimberlyNees; is that correct? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Are you familiar with this individual? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. And how do you know her? 

A. She was my girlfriend's sister. 

Q. Okay. Now, is Kimberly Nees alive or dead today? 

A. She is dead. 

Q. Okay. Do you know what happened to her? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Would you mind relating us to your own words what happened? 

A. I had got my car stuck earlier that day down at the river and tore the transmission out of it 

Q. Okay, excuse me just a second t.here., Now, we are talking about, you got the car stuck here in Monroe or somewhere else? 

A. In Poplar -down at,Sandy Beach there in Poplar. 

Q. Okay, now, are we talking about yesterday, or when did all of this 
take place? 

A. This was back in 1979. In June or July. 

Q. Was it during the summer? 

A. It was during the spring -or summer -'79. 

Q. Okay, and I believe you in Poplar, Montana? just said you were what is called Sandy Beach A. Yes> ,sir. Q. Now, were with you? you there at this location by yourself or was someone else A. I was there with Caleb Garner and Shannon O'Brien. 

Q. Would you slow down and repeat those names for me. I didn't understand, 

A. I was there with Caleb Garner and Shannon O'Brien. 

Q. Okay, and how were you there? 

A. We was there in my vehicle, partying and what not. 

Q. Okay, now, your vehicle; what kind of vehicle was that? 

A. It was a 1970 Ford Ranchero. 

Q. And what color was it? 

A. Blue. 

Q. So you and Caleb and Sharon had gone to Sandy Beach in your car, or your truck? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. What time did you first get to Sandy Beach, Barry? 

A. It was about noon time or one o'clock that afternoon. 

Q. Okay, and you said you all were partying; is that correct? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Now how long did you all party at this particular location? 

A. Three or four hours. 

Q. Okay. Did you and Caleb and Sharon ever or Shannon, excuse me, ever decide to leave? 

A. Yeah, we finally decided we was going to go get cleaned up and get
ready to go out that night. 

Q. Okay, and about what time was this? Do you remember? 

A. I believe it was about four or four-thirty. 

Q. And that's in the afternoon? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. All right, and did you leave? 

A. We attempted to leave when the vehicle got stuck. 

Q. Okay, and this is your truck that got stuck? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. And how did it get &tuck? 

A. It just -the beach is sandy and I had pulled out on the sand and I was trying to come up -there is a little knoll just before youpull onto the sand and my front tires got on the knoll and it wouldn't pull itself on Over the knoll; it being in the sand. 

Q. Okay. Now what happened when your vehicle got stuck? 

A. I tried to get it out vJ backing it and pulling it forward and so forth. 

Q. Were you able to get the vehicle unstuck? 

A. No, sir. 

Q. Did anything unusual happen while you were trying to get the vehicle unstuck? 

A. I started getting mad. 

Q. Okay. 

A. And upset. 

Q. What did you do when you started getting mad? 

A. I told Caleb to try to get it out while I pushed and so he tried it and he was unsuccessful and we told Shannon to try it and-me and Caleb pushed and we were still unsuccessful and it was just getting me madder and madder. So we tried to jack it up and get it out and that was unsuccessful and so I tried it again and when I tried it again, I tore the transmission out of it -which it locked in reverse and I blew up got out -got out of the vehicle and s~arted kicking the vehicle and hitting it and cussing and stomping around in a very upset mood. 

Q. Were you very angry? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Okay. Now, what happened after you got angry?

A. Well, me and Caleb~got into an argument and I'm not really sure about what it was at the point but we got into an argument and it just made me that much madder so I took off and walked down the river a little ways and I turned around and I come back and I tried to get the transmission in my car to shift again and I couldn't do it and so I started pounding on the vehicle again and Caleb. once again, he tried to tell me to calm downl tried to tell me that we could get a transmission for it and all of this. 

Q. Did that ease your anger any? 

A. No, I was just getting madder and madder. 

Q. And then what happened? 

A. We got into an argument and so I said I was going to town. 

Q. Did you tell him that you were going to do any particular thing in town? 

A. Well, I recall telling him that I was going to town to get help and I would send somebody back out to pick them up. 

Q. Okay, and did you leave? 

A. Yes, I left. I left my vehicle and walked to the road and then on into town. 

Q. Okay, what route did you take coming into town? to 

A. I walked down the road by the park, .coming up/the trail behind the jail which cuts across the pasture right below the jail and I come up the hill right behind the jail, walked past the hospital down towards the Headstart. I passed the Headstart and onto the main -no, up pastthe Headstart to the Catholic Church and I cut through the Catholic 
.Church over to Bob's Market and I got on the main highway ana I walked down towards school. 

Q. Okay, did you pass any other business establishments as you were going back into town? 

A. I passed the Conoco and on down towards Tasty Freeze and when I got to the Tasty Freeze 

Q. Okay, let me ask you this, Barry. Now, the Conoco; is that a service station? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Did you see anyone at this particular service station? 

A. Yes, sir, I seen Kimberly Ann Nees and Craig Norgard, I believe it was Craig. 

Q. Okay, now, what kind of vehicle were they inJ do you remember? 

A. They were in her father's pickup. 

Q. Okay, and what were they doing there? 

A. They were getting gas. 

Q. Okay, did you stop and have any conversation with them at this point? 

A. I stopped and asked her to give me a ride to the house. 

Q. And what did she say? 

A. She said she was busy. 

Q. All right, were you still angrY? 

A. I -I was still angry but I had calmed down considerably. 

Q. Did you get angry after she said she couldn't give you a ride? 

A. No, I just walked on to the Tasty Freeze where I found Larry Rowe and Dorrence Steele and I asked them for a ride. And 

Q. Did they give you a ride? 

A. They eventually give me a ride but they, too, said they .were busy and I talked them into giving me a ride anyhow. 

Q. And then what happened? 

A. I went to the house and went in the kitchen and I looked fora beer in the refrigerator. I started to fix me something to eat and then changed my mind. I went upstairs and I took my clothes off and laid down "and went to sleep for a while. 

Q. Did you wake back up? 

A. I woke back up and went and I got cleaned up and I looked for my mother and she wasn't home yet. I was going to have her cook me something to eat. So I started walking downtown towards the school. 

Q. Excuse me; so after you got home this first time, you went to sleep for a little while and then woke up and then left the house again? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Okay. Now about what time of the day or evening was this? Do you remember? 

A. It was -it was after dark.A I'm not Lca11y sure what time it was. 

Q. How were you dressed when you left the house? ~..~_'11 j"'Cv 

A. I believe I had blue jeans and a flannel shirt on. ~ I'm not really sure. 

Q. Okay. Do you remember what kind of shoes you were wearing? 

A. I always wore leather shoes with rubber soles. 

Q. Okay, now, when you left the house, you said you started walking back 
toward town? 

A. Yes, I started walking up towards the school. 

Q. Okay, and did you see anyone while you were walking this time? 

A. Not until I got up to the school. And right across the school at the Exxon 

Q. The Exxon -is this a service station? 

A. This is a service station right a~ross from the school. 

Q. All right, who did you see at this particular station? 

A. I seen Kim setting there and she was ~alking to so~~bodYI I'm not real] su -I can't really recall who she was talking to'!~I went over and I started asking her if she knew where Pam was and thtn I asked her if I could ride around with her: 

Q. And what did she say? 

A. If I'm not mis -we went riding around and 

Q. Did you go to any particular place while you were riding around, Barry~ 

A. Not until later on that evening. We just rode around and I believe it was fairly late at night when I did this. I'm not real sure. 

Q. Okay, let me ask you this, Barry. When you ~n Kim werp riding around, did you all see anyone that you knew and sto nd·ta1k-to them? 

A. No, I don't believe we stopped and talked to anybody. 

Q. Now, you said it was late at night? Is that correct? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. All right, did you and Kim eventually stop riding around? 

A. Yes, we went down to the river. 

Q. And what river are we talking about? 

A. The Poplar river. 

Q. Okay, and how did you get to this particular location? 

A. Kim drove down there. 

Q. Okay, but what route did you ·take to get there? 

A. Down -down the highway. 

Q. Okay, did you cross any kind of structures 

A. No. We went through the park and the train  

Q.(Okay, now once you got.down near this area, did you and Kim stop any where? ~~ 

A. Yes, we stopped down there by the train bridge and we were talking and we smoked a joint. 

Q. Okay, when you were talking, what were you all talking about? 

A. We were talking about Kim and Pam and I waS asking her questions about herself. 

Q. Do you remember what type of questions you were asking, Barry? 

A. Just questions in general; how she was doin~~~n school, you know. How I believe she had just graduated that year.~~d I WaS asking her questions about that and what she planned on aoing. 

Q. Okay, Barry 

A. Just general questions. 

Q. All right, excuse me. When you were talking to Kim, did the conversation ever get to be of an intimate nature? 

A. Eh -to -to a degree, I thought. 

Q. Okay, who initiated that intimate conversation? 

A. I did. 

Q. Okay, and would you tell me what it was about. or what was said? 

A. It was -it was just basically about making love and her boyfriend and whatnot, you knOw.~ I got to asking her to questions about why Pam had run around on me. , ..:~...... ~fl" 

Q. Okay, let me ask you this. Did you ever at any point during this conversation, ask Kim if she would make love to you? . 

A. Yes, after a while I did. 

Q. Okay, now when we are speaking of making love; are we talking about having sexual intercourse? 

A. Yes. 

Q. Okay. What was her response when you asked her to have sexual intercourse with you? 

A. She said no. 

Q. Okay. Did that get you upset? 

A. It upset me a little bit. It just -so I just started trying harder to c: N P::tA ". 

Q. How did you start trying harder? 

A. I started off by smoking another joint with her and hoping that she would get a little bit more messed up, you know. 

Q. Okay. Now, did you ever touch her or fondle her in any way? 

A. I finally did.tI finally reached over to kiss her and she pushed me away. 

Q. What happened next? 

A. I got mad. 

Q. Okay. How mad did you get, Barry? 

A. I didn't get all that mad to begin with. And so we set t nere a little bit more and I tried to kiss her again and she told me to get out of her truck and I told her no. 

Q. And then what happened? 

A. It got me mad. 

Q. How mad did you l'excuse me. how mad did you get at this point. Barry? 

A. I got pretty mad this time. 

Q. Okay. and then what happened? 

A. I -I started asking her questions about why girls -the girls around 
there didn't like me. Q.. And how did she respond to that, Barry? 

A. She told me it was because it was a -because I was an ass hole. 

Q. How did you feel about that? 

A. It upset me quite a bit.

Q. And then what happened? 

A. And I made a move on her again and she slapped me. 

Q. Are you saying "make a move." Did you try to touch her or fondle her or anything? 

A. Yeah. I tried to grab her and she slapped me. 

Q. And then what happened after she slapped you? 

A. When she slapped me, I reached for her and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her over next to me. And she started fighting me. 

Q. And then what happened? 

A. She hit me again and I flew off the handle again. 

Q. What happened ~? 

A. It just -I just got so mad I didn't really know what I was doing. 

Q.  Excuse me, what took place, Barry? 

A. I kept -I kept trying to get her ~ose to me and she kept fightingand pushing at me and that sort of stuff and when she slapped me again, I -I got mad and flew off the handle and I hit her back. 

Q. Okay, how did you hit her, Barry? With an,open hand, a fist, or what? 

A. I hit her with my fist. 

Q. Okay, and then what happened? 

A. And then I tried to grab her and -again -and she pushed me away ...~ so -I don't know, I just -I just flew off the handle~and I started hitting her. 

Q. What were you hitting her with this time? ~~ 

A. (I had picked up a Crescent wrench off of the floorboard. 

Q. Would you describe. that Crescent wrench to me, Barry? 

A. It was a twelve inch chrome Crescent wrench. 

Q. Okay, now, you said yo~ted hitting 

A. Stainless steel.______?tv 

Q. Okay, you said you started hitting her with this? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. And what happened when you started hitting her with it?

A.( She started backingAaway from me and trying to get out of the pickup. I~~ 1— She slid back over to the driver's side and started to get out the doo: ~~ and I jumped out and run around ~~Eick up -caught her as she was com 
.~" out the door. I threw her up aga1.nfl'£ the pickup and again I grabbed hi ~_~ and tried to kiss her and she scratched me. 

Q.. Where did she scrstch you at? 

A. I'm not really sure. I just remember her scratching me. It was on th arm or the back or somewhere. 

Q. Okay, did -what happened next? 

A. When she did I just got that much madder and I reached over and I threw her up against the pickup and I started choking her. 

Q. Okay, what had happened to the Crescent wrench that you had? 

A. I -I dropped it when I got out of the pickup. I was trying to hurry up and get around there before she\r~n off. 

Q. Okay, then what happened? 

A. So, I had her up against the side of the pickup on the driver's side and I reached over in the back of the pickup and got a tire iron out . of the back of the pickup and I started hitting her with that, tellingher I was going to kill her, calling her a bitch, and ~u~sing her 

Q. Okay, and then what happened? 

A. We started struggling and she got away from me and I had a hold her coat. She run around to the other side of the pickup and I tackled her on the other side of the pickup and I hit her a couple of more times. 

Q. Did you use anything to wash yourself with? 

A. I just used soap and water to wash with and a towel to dry off with. 

Q. Did you use a washcloth or anything like that? 

A. No. 

Q. Okay, and then what happened? 

A. And then I stopped -I went in my bedroom and shut the door and I started thinking about it and telling myself. I didn't do it. And I finally went to sleep and then I went -I woke up a couple of hours later and I went down and mother was cooking eggs and bacon and she asked me if I was hungry and I sai~ yeah, and she asked me where I had been all night and I told her I had been upstairs in my bed asleep. She said oh, I was wondering where you had been. I ~ been looking for you. .~ 

Q. Did your mother say that she had done anything trying to locate you that night? 

A. She said she told me she had called the cops to see if I was in jail. 

Q. Did she say when she had called or give you a time of when she ... called? ~ 

A. No, she didn't. 

Q. Okay, Barry, 1et's stop right here for just a second and let's back 
up to when you and Kim were at the truck. _Would you describe to me what Kim was weari~g? f.re.-<e.-~,~~ 

A. She was wearing a brown -I!port& jacket !in,2 blue jeans and a plaid, polyester blouse. ~~~ 

Q. Are you sure about that? 

A. Yes. 

Q. Okay. Now, this jacket that you mentioned she had on. You said you left it with the body? 

A. I believe I recall tfttowing it next to the body.~ Down in that direction any how. 

Q. What had happened to the garbage bag that you had placed her feet in? 

A. I tried to put -stick her whole body in the bag. Would it fit? 

Q. Did the bag ever come off? 

A. I believe it did when I threw her over the bank.

Q. (Calhoun) Barry, did you put her in head first in the bag or feet first 

A. Feet first. 

Q. And how much of the bag did you get around her? 

A. A pretty good bit of it. 

Q. Okay, when you drug her down to the river, how did you drag her? 

A. I had her -I had the bag by the top of the bag and on the corners and I had her by the shoulders. 

Q. (Via) Okay. Barry, let's stop right here. This st~e of the tape is running out. I would like to change Sides. The time is 7:40 p.m. 

A. 7:40 p.m.Barry, while I was changing the sides of this tape,have we discussed anything? 

A. No, sir. 

Q. And is it your desire to continue at this time? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Okay, Commander, I believe you had asked Barry how he had drug Kim? "./-p.

Q. (Calhoun) That's correct. And Barry, if I understood correctly, youhad her feet first in the bag with her knees folded and it was up to underneath the arm pits? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. And then you drug by the bag under each arm and by her shoulders? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Okay. And when you left that scene going toward your home, did you encounter anybody on the way? 

A. No, sir. 

Q. When you got home, was there anybody at home in your residence? 

A. Yes, sir, my mother and stepfather were home in bed. 

Q. Okay, but, now, you did not have any clothes on; is that correct? 

A. That I s correct.$.'rp:cJ, D·1e '-"" 

Q. How did you get in the house and by them? 

A. I walked in the front door and straight up the stairs; the stairs are right there by the door. 

Q. To your knowledge, were they awake or asleep? 

A. They were asleep. 

Q. Do you know what time it was when you got home? 

A. No, sir. 

Q. Did you have a watch on? 

A. No, sir. 

Q. Did you have any difficulty getting from where you left the truck to 
your home? 

A. No, sir. 

Q. About how far is it from where you left the truck to your home?  

A. About an eighth of a mile." Something like that. 

Q. How long did it take you to travel that eighth of a mile? 

A. Not very long. I ran. 

Q. All right. How did you set your clothes on fire? 

A. With my lighter. 

Q. And what clothes did you bUrn?/ 

A. My shirt and my pants. 

Q. Okay. Did you go home in your underclothes? '.• 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Still wearing your shoes and socks? 

A. Yes, sir. ,~-) D·.tr JJ:41. 

Q. (Via) Barry, do you know where the shoes are that you were wearing at that particular time? 

A. No, sir. 

Q. Do you still have those shoes? 

A. I believe I threw them away. I'm not real sure. 

Q. Do you have any idea where you threw them away at? 

A. No, sir. 

Q. (Calhoun) Barry, let me ask you this. If we went back to that location where the truck was at; could you show us which direction that you threw these items into the river? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Do you know about how far from the bank they went into the water? 

A. No, sir, I'm not really sure. 

Q. Was it a moon light night? 

A. Yes, sir.  

Q. Fairly bright? 

A. It wasn't real bright but it 

Q. You could see? 

A. I could see. 

Q. Okay. Was it cold or warm? 

A. It was a little chilly. It wasn't real cold.".... AI,,~''''I ,,_ 

Q. (Via) Barry, let's get back up to the truck again. You said that you had struck, I believe, Kim the first time inside the truck? 
~. Yes, sir. 

Q. (DO you know if she received any wounds that started toJbleed inside 
the truck at that time?

A. I'm not really sure if she did or not. 

Q. Where did you hit her at in the truck as far as On t~e person? 

A. Up beside the head. 

Q. Okay. Did she try to defend you off, or fight you off in any way? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Did she scratch you any other places other than your back? 

A. Eh -I'm not real sure, sir. 

Q. Okay. 

Q. (Calhoun) Barry, since this happened, have you admitted to anyone else, or told anyone else that you killed this girl? 

A. No, sir. 

Q. Okay. When you were questioned by the authorities up in,Montana, did you deny to them that you had killed this girl? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Did you, when you were talking to them up there; did you really want to tell them what had happened? 

A. No, sir, because I was trying to make myself believe I didn't do it. 

Q. I have no further questions. Q'( (Via) Barry, I have just a couple more. Would you describe the  terrain or the ground around the truck where you drug her from? 

A. It was a flat dirt surface with a little bit of -a little patch of grass in between

Q. Was there any gravel or stones or anything in the way? 

A. A few but not a whole lot. 

Q. Okay. When you were dragging her, were you dragging her face up or face down? 

A. Face up. 

Q. Okay. When you tackled her, where exactly did you tackle her?

A. It was by the passenger side rear tire. 

Q. Do you know what happened to that purse? 

A. The last time I recall it was sitting in the seat in between me and her 

Q. Do you remember taking the purse out of the truck for any reason? 

A. No, I don't. 

Q. Do you remember seeing the purse outside of the truck at any time? 

A. It seems like it was laying on the ground when I picked up the Crescent I'm not really sure. 

Q. Commander, do you have any other questions? 

Q. Ihave no further questions. (Via) Barry, has everything you told us been the,honest and completetruth? 

Yes, sir. And again has anyone forced you in any way to give this statement? No, sir. 

Has anyone threatened or tricked you in any way to give this statement? No, sir. 

Has anyone promised you any immunities from any prosecution or the lessening of any sentence or any type of reward for giving this statemen 
No, sir. And have you done so because you honestly wanted to and on your own free will? 

Yes, sir. Do you have anything to add, take away or change in this statement? 

No, sir. 

Showing nothing further, this statement concluded. It is 1948 hours, p.m., on January 7, 1983. Signed, ,Commander Alfred CaLhoun and Sgt. Jay Via of the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office.