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'My Kid Would Never Do That: Stranger Danger'

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Episode 1: Stranger Danger
Episode 2: Driving & Texting
Episode 3: Cheating
Episode 4: Discrimination
Original Series: Bullying


Episode 1: 'Stranger Danger' (Sunday, April 15th, at 7pm/6c)

While stranger abductions are rare, all parents worry about keeping kids safe. In this special report, parents and experts watch as the following scenarios unfold, testing whether or not children know what to do when approached by a stranger.

  • We test elementary school kids, including Natalie Morales’ own son, as they are invited for a private tour of an ice cream truck - will they remember what their parents have taught them about never getting into a vehicle with a stranger?
  • And giving out personal information in the digital age can be dangerous—will some young teens tell a stranger their names and addresses, even though they’ve been warned not to? Anxious parents will be watching, and our experts will be standing by to offer advice about what to tell kids.

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