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Mar. 18: 'The Hansen Files' investigates drugs and supplements

Chris Hansen reports a three-part investigation on the state of various drugs and supplements in America:

  • Marijuana makes billions for the violent Mexican drug cartels and tons of it is routinely smuggled into the United States. But now the Mexican cartels have found a way to minimize the risk of smuggling by actually growing huge marijuana crops right here in the United States. A lot of it is even being grown on Federal land. Chris Hansen goes along with the DEA on the hunt for huge marijuana crops and the cartel members who are actually farming the marijuana.
  • Vitamins and supplements are becoming a way of life in the United States. People looking for more energy and better nutrition look to that list of ingredients on the back of the bottle to confirm what they’re taking is safe and effective, something that will give them the edge their looking for. But as Chris Hansen found out, some of those labels may not be worth the paper they’re printed on.
  • An update to an undercover investigation, Chris Hansen went inside a so-called head shop in New York City to report on bath salts, one of the newest designer drugs. Its effects, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, are similar to those of cocaine and methamphetamines. Since “Dateline’s” report last spring, NY State has made them illegal and the DEA put bath salts on the controlled substances list.

On Monday, March 19th, at 12pm ET / 9am PT, Chris Hansen will host a Google+ Hangout on DatelineNBC.com with Federal Drug Enforcement agents and their efforts to track down illegal drugs.

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