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911 Powell dispatcher breaks silence in Dateline interview

In a “Dateline” report airing tonight at 10pm/9c, one of the 9-1-1 dispatchers who took the call from the social worker, breaks his silence in an exclusive interview with Keith Morrison. Viewers will also hear from Josh Powell in his last in-depth TV interview, emails from Susan Powell that were sent to her sister-in-law Jennifer Graves will be revealed, and there is new information about Josh’s final hours before blowing up his house, killing himself and two sons. The report also features interviews with Josh’s father Steve Powell, the children’s grandparents Charles and Judy Cox, Josh's sister and brother-in-law Jennifer and Kirk Graves, and Detective Ed Troyer.

In an exclusive interview with Dateline NBC, the 911 dispatcher who took the first call from the social worker outside of Josh Powell's home tells Keith Morrison, "it was horrible" to learn about the murder of Powell's two sons. The interview is part of a Dateline special airing Friday, Feb. 10, at 10pm/9c.