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Sep. 11: 'America Remembers'

NBC News Special Correspondent Tom Brokaw, who spent over 100 hours at the anchor desk that first week after the attacks, takes viewers back to some of the most powerful stories reported by NBC News in the days and months following the tragic assault on our nation. Poignant, moving, first-hand accounts take viewers inside the four doomed airplanes, inside the burning towers, inside the panicked households where loved ones waited, inside the heroic acts of rescue workers, and inside the tense towers where the air traffic controllers on duty that morning suddenly faced the most devastating tragedy in aviation history. Brokaw will also re-interview some of the people he first spoke to about the tragedy 10 years ago—reflecting on the stories of overwhelming heartache and loss, while highlighting the inspiring resilience and hope for the future.

9/11: America Remembers airs Friday, September 9th, at 9pm/8c.