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Read this book excerpt from 'Trails of Death'

Read an excerpt from the book Trails of Death as featured in the Dateline report 'The Mystery on Blood Mountain':

Chapter 4

Hilton took his time. He knew the girl would have to double back eventually and head down the narrow trail back to the car. A short time later, he got his chance. The girl was coming down around a switchback, up ahead. She smiled. They chatted, and he decided to reverse direction and walk down with her.

Going down, they were in loose contact on the narrow trail. She was ahead of him a good bit because there was no room to walk abreast. Sometimes they came close to each other, but didn't share any conversation. Hilton was getting ready to do it and had to concentrate on that. He had the blade and the comforting closeness of the baton on his belt.

At the midway trail point, Hilton came up on Emerson.

"Give me your credit cards and pin numbers," he said commandingly, pulling out a sharpened bayonet and pointing it toward her.

He thought she’d crumble in fear. He was wrong. She did the last thing he would have expected.


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