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Jun. 24: 'Lost at Sea', 'Deadly Exposure'

Florida native Jimmy Trindade knew his way around the Bahamian islands as well as any local. Chris Hansen reports on what happened when Jimmy Trindade piloted his best friend's 38-foot Donzi from Spanish Cay back to Palm Beach and went missing. His boat was found, but he was not. From an extensive search that lasted months to strange twists and turns, Trindade's daughter and brother are still looking for answers.  Lost at Sea airs Friday, June 24th, at 9pm/8c.

Also, on a frantic predawn morning in Lima, Ohio, Dr. Mark Wangler called 911 to say his carbon monoxide detector was going off and his wife was having a seizure. But when she died that morning, why did police doubt his story? Was it an accident or was it murder? Kate Snow reports on this tangled case and how it tore a family apart.  Deadly Exposure airs Friday, June 24th, at 10pm/9c.