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In the words of 'Beauty and the Beast Mystery' producer

Meet the producer of 'The Beauty and the Beast Mystery', a Dateline report that aired Friday, Feb. 25:

Hi, my name is: Justin Smith.

I've been: a Dateline producer for 8 years.

When I first came across this story, I thought to myself: Here is an unusual case. A woman is dead, and only two possible causes are being investigated. Either it was an accident, or her husband killed her. Without the twists and turns, the multiple suspects, that complicate a lot of investigations, this case came down to the evidence, no matter how subtle it was.

My inspirations as a storyteller: I am always impressed by the stories my Dateline colleagues tell. With this case, I was inspired by Dennis Murphy's talent as a writer and interviewer.  And my wife, who writes narrative nonfiction, is constantly inspiring me.

The one thing I'll never forget about doing this story: I was born in New York and still live here, so as a city-dweller, I'll never forget Indiana hospitality and how openly everyone welcomed our team.

The most interesting person I met along the way: I met many interesting people. One who stands out is Dr. Greg Davis, the defense pathologist, someone for whom the tiniest bits of evidence speak so loudly.

The most striking image I saw: Scott and Lisa's wedding video. He dressed as the Beast and danced with his Beauty to the Disney theme song. I've been to a lot of weddings, but I know if I had been a guest at that one it would have been a memorable moment.

The most memorable words I heard: From Christine Smith, Lisa Pattison's sister, in a letter she wrote to Lisa after her death: "It seems like you are on a long trip, away from me. I have constant reminders of you and reach out to you and cannot find you ... I will wait patiently until I can meet up with you and we can be together ... "

What is striking about the alleged weapon in this case: A weight bench is associated with physical health, not harm.

Biggest challenge while doing this story: Choosing what to put into an hour. Everyone gave interesting, and often heartbreaking, interviews. Lisa's family told emotional stories of loss. It's difficult with any story to pick and choose based on time constraints.

In a word, this is really a Dateline story about: Evidence - was there enough to convince the jury.

Last but not least, in general, I wish: To thank everyone who trusted us with their story.

Thanks for watching!