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Feb. 20: 'Suzanne Somers: A Dose of Controversy'

Critics may call her irresponsible, but Suzanne Somers says America's doctors just aren't telling cancer patients the whole truth. This Sunday on "Dateline NBC," Dr. Nancy Snyderman speaks with Somers about the experiences that propelled her to write one of her most controversial books to date, in which she highlights the non-traditional methods of doctors that she says are being shunned by conventional medicine. In the episode airing at 7 pm/et, "Dateline" also speaks with two of the doctors that Somers claims are curing cancer-- hearing more about their unorthodox methods that range from protein treatments, to coffee enemas and tests for cancer using hair.

Taking a closer look at the methods and curing effects that these doctors claim to be valid, we'll also hear from various medical professionals who call these types of cancer treatments nonsensical and irresponsible. Dr. Nancy Snyderman tries to get to the bottom of why Somers, a nationally recognized and respected TV icon, would put her endorsement behind what appears to be such odd science. "Stop looking at it as quackery," says Somers, who denies any feelings of acting irresponsibly. When it comes to her support of these alternative cancer treatments, she says, "This is my proudest achievement so far."