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Feb. 4: Bringing Brooke Home

An Oregon family struggles with the mysterious disappearance of their 19-year-old daughter Brooke Wilberger, who was kidnapped from an apartment complex just blocks away from the campus of Oregon State University in May of 2004.  NBC News’ Kate Snow reports on the stressful investigation that plagued Brooke’s family and her community as the twists and turns in the five-year case left everyone looking for answers. When initial leads turned out to be dead-ends, investigators worried time was running out—until a similar abduction hundreds of miles away in New Mexico turned out to be the long-awaited break in the case of bringing Brooke back home.

Bringing Brooke  Home is a two-hour Dateline report airing Friday, Feb. 4, at 9pm/8c, including interviews with Brooke’s family, police investigators and Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, whose involvement in Brooke’s case completely changed the hunt for Brooke's kidnapper.