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Welcome to the new Dateline site!

Welcome to the new Dateline NBC website!

So what’s new?

In general, we wanted to make the site a lot easier to find what you’re looking for from Dateline NBC. 

Starting at the top, we want you to know what’s being featured on Dateline each week, watch our 'Sneak Peek' previews,  and follow regular updates from producers on our ‘Inside Dateline’ blog.


You’ll also notice that we have a new video player that will let you watch the latest Dateline episodes and web exclusive videos, or read full transcripts after each show airs on television.  Just be sure to download the latest version of Flash player

We also have a new interactive schedule, which is a quick and easy way to find Dateline stories that aired a long time ago or even what’s coming up next week.

As we  begin to have more and more fun with our Facebook community, nearly 70,000 strong and growing, we want you to be able to see all of our latest Facebook posts right on our site and in real time too.   You can also follow us on Twitter now since we like to tweet just as much as Dateline’s Ann Curry!

Finally, we know that the Dateline correspondents are the people you all love to hear tell Dateline stories each week.  We want you to be able to not only learn more about them as journalists, but as people too, especially as they begin to engage more directly online with viewers like you.

We’re excited about our new site and hope you are too.  It’ll only get better, but feel free to drop us a line of feedback below.

You can visit the new site here:




The Dateline Team