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Nov.12: 'Searching for Kyron', 'Mean Girls'

This Friday at 9pm/8c on Dateline NBC...

The disappearance of 7-year old Kyron Horman made national headlines in early June 2010, and has since left family and friends desperately searching for answers. "Dateline's" Kate Snow continues her reporting on the case and uncovers new details, including reports from eyewitnesses about what they saw the day Kyron went missing, allegations from Kyron's father about his wife Terri, and interviews with Terri's friends who are speaking out in her defense.

A teenage party girl finds herself at the center of a murder mystery when her older boyfriend is brutally attacked and dies. Though the killer is convicted and thrown in jail, the case is reopened years later when a confession letter leads to more arrests within a close group of friends who were hiding a big secret. Keith Morrison reports.