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Producer Notes: 'Blind Justice'

Watch the full two-hour Dateline 'Blind Justice' below and keep the conversation going with its producer.

Hi, my name is: Bob Gilmartin.

I've been a producer for: 35 years, also as an on-air reporter.

My inspirations as a storyteller are: Keith Morrison, Dennis Murphy and the great writers here at NBC mixed in with a little Carl Hiassen and Edna Buchanan, former crime reporters for the Miami Herald who became novelists.

When I first came across this story, I thought to myself: What an amazing set of circumstances, and what an incredible conflict within a family. As I learned more about John Sutton and what he was able to do given his loss of eyesight, I came to the conclusion, that he is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met.

The most impressive human being I met along the way was: John Sutton.

These are the words I'll never forget: John Sutton's victim impact statement, which you can see for yourself here.

The most striking image I saw was: John Sutton in Boston listening to doctors telling him the good news that they were on the verge of finding a cure for his optic nerve disease, but also the bad news - the disappointment in his face when doctors told him that it could be 5, 10, or 15 years down the line before that cure would be available.

When it's time to put it all together, I work best when: Because I work in an open newsroom cubicle environment, I find that in order to write and drown out the chatter around me I find an internet radio station, put on headphones and listen to music, mostly the Grateful Dead or WFUV-FM, Fordham University radio. I also stay at night and write when the office is empty. That's when I unplug the earphones and play the music out loud and write away.

In a word, this is really a Dateline story about: A quest. (But never ask a writer to sum something up in one word. We hate limitations.)

Last but not least, I wish: to find other great stories like this one, which has it all.

Thanks for watching!