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Friday, March 26: A recipe for murder, a Valentine's mystery

It's a dramatic undercover operation to save a wife and mother - and on Friday, Dateline takes you inside. What's unusual about this mission is that it was all secretly recorded by the FBI. And more unusual still, the woman at the center had no idea she was in danger. NBC's Keith Morrison reports on a "Recipe for Murder."

Also: If you're a fan of courtroom dramas on TV, you might think every criminal trial ends with a bombshell: Maybe it's a surprise witness, a curveball question, an eleventh-hour confession. Seems there's always some bolt from the blue. But the fact is that kind of thing almost never happens in a real trial. Yet it did in the case you'll see Friday night. One last unexpected twist in a story full of surprises... starting with a murder on Valentine's Day. NBC's Dennis Murphy reports on "The Valentine's Day Mystery."

And on Sunday at 7 p.m ET/6 p.m. CT: A struggling town helps a family in need and finds purpose, inspiration and hope. Dateline NBC's Ann Curry has the story: America Now: A Circle of Hands, a Dateline special.

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