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Were you away for Labor Day weekend? Here's what you missed

In case you were away from your TV this weekend, barbecuing away the last moments of summer, here's a wrap-up of what you missed on Dateline NBC:

  • The Man Behind the Mask: When a woman goes for help from the police after a masked man rapes her at gunpoint, authorities turn on her, accusing her of lying. Years went by, and the case grew cold. Then, her attacker struck again. Read the transcript here, watch the full video here, check out Donna Palomba's Web site, JaneDoeNoMore.org, here, and see web-exclusive related content here.
  • Finding American characters where crab is king: NBC's Special Correspondent Tom Brokaw is traveling cross-country, 3,000 miles through 12 states, as part of a USA Network project. He's sending back dispatches about the people and places he visits along the way. Travel with Brokaw to Cambridge, Md., where he begins this dispatch. Watch the video here.