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Sunday, Sept. 6: America's debt, an inspiration in Pakistan, and a road trip

There are signs that the worst of the financial crisis may be over, but don't go popping any champagne corks just yet. Economists say it may take years to recover many of the jobs that have been lost, and for the housing market to get back on track. There's also one more big bump on the road to a recovery, and it's the reason so many families are still facing financial ruin: debt. Living in the red is the new American way of life. And NBC's Chris Hansen investigates just how far some people will go to collect. Who's cashing in on America's debt crisis?

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Plus, through a single act of courage, she's become an international symbol of hope: A young woman who endured a savage attack. She couldn't read or write -- but she could, and did, stand up to fight for justice. NBC's Ann Curry travels to a dusty village in Pakistan to meet the woman whose story is inspiring women around the world. See some of Ann's photos from her reporting here.

Also: Summer's over, families are home from vacation, and kids are heading back to school. But Dateline Special Correspondent Tom Brokaw is still on the road, traveling cross-country - 3,000 miles through twelve states - as part of a USA Network project. And he's sending back dispatches about the remarkable people and places he visits along the way.

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