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Sunday, April 26 and Sunday, May 3: You Might Be Rich!

In state treasuries across America, billions of dollars in unclaimed property sits, waiting to be returned to millions of people.  Yet many state officials don't have the resources to find everyone. Last August, Dateline NBC helped states crack some of their toughest, unsolved cases with the result of nearly $2 million being returned to average Americans.  Now NBC News' Tiki Barber and his team, including NBC News' Peter Alexander and MSNBC's Tamron Hall, are back at again, finding ordinary people who are unaware they have money coming to them in "You Might Be Rich!"

Barber and his team travel from coast to coast and overseas to help return close to $5 million to over a dozen individuals. Especially timely considering today's economy, Dateline was able to bring great news to some individuals in financial trouble.  In one case, the NBC News team traveled to Germany to give a former Pennsylvania resident the news he was entitled to over a half million dollars from an inheritance.  The story becomes even more extraordinary when our team discovered the recipient was homeless. In another case, Dateline spent a year tracking down the rightful owner of more than a million dollars that was sitting in the Illinois state treasury waiting to be claimed.  The two, hour-long specials are airing on Sunday, April 26 at 7:00 p.m. ET, and Sunday, May 3 at 7:00 p.m. ET.

For the May 3 program, "You Might Be Rich!" will be live from outside Rockefeller Center. Donald Trump will join Tiki to surprise one unsuspecting family with the incredible news they have unclaimed money coming to them.