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Your thoughts on the death of a centerfold

Even though the life of Anna Nicole Smith was defined by tragedy and high drama, the news of her death still came as a shock.

Controversy and scandal, success and failure trailed Anna Nicole from the moment she came into public view — make that full view — as a Playboy centerfold 15 years ago.  Her sudden and still mysterious death today is a final ironic chapter for a woman who modeled herself after her idol, Marilyn Monroe.

And this week, it may have been one of the strangest court battles you've ever seen: Since the death of Anna Nicole Smith more than two weeks ago a battalion of lawyers has been fighting over her final resting place.

Meanwhile, another fight is raging over the question of who fathered Smith's baby girl, an infant who could inherit millions.

But it was the complex and often colorful court battle over Smith's remains that riveted the nation over the past few days. Click here to read the Dateline report on the legal drama. Click here to read the interesting quotes from Judge Seidlen.

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