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Our Texas investigation

This was Tuesday's blog during the broadcast. These posts were meant to coincide with what was on air.

by Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent

When I first walked into our Texas house, I thought it was perfect for one of our "To Catch A Predator" investigations. As you're about to see it's in an upper middle class subdivision in a bedroom community of Dallas, easily accessible by several major roads.

The guys have once again outdone themselves with the hidden cameras technology. Everything is set. One of our first visitors never comes into the house and what he does is a new twist for us: He's "dallasbadboy2002" and he's rolling up in front of our house in a big red luxury pickup truck. He wants our decoy to come outside so he can give her a present-- a Web cam so that she can perform for him. Watch closely and you might be able to see that he's apparently got other Web cams in the truck as well…all the while he's got his laptop up and running.

8:10 p.m.
Dozens of men have been chatting online with Perverted Justice decoys posing as young teens and some of their planned liaisons are about to be fulfilled -- men like the 52-year-old you're about to meet who online goes by the name "itnew2me." He's a consultant in the oil industry and he arrives at a house to meet with a 13-year-old girl named Sequoia. Watch now as he tries to weave a plausible excuse for being here. Later in our conversation, he invokes religion. Whatever you think of that as an excuse, get used to it-- you're going to hear it a number of times.

8:33 p.m.
While everything started off smoothly, we soon have some challenges we've never experienced before. Word of our investigation apparently leaks out. A city councilman is riled because the local police chief didn't brief him and some other local politicians in advance. Soon we have neighbors walking up and down the street and a man with a long lens camera taking pictures of everything. It's not the ideal environment for a "To Catch A Predator" investigation. Within an hour, things settle down. Police talk to the folks in the neighborhood. But, as you'll see this will be far from the only difficult situation we'll face in Murphy, Texas.

8:45 p.m.
It's often hard to tell just by looking at them what the men caught in our investigations do for a living. In a few moments you'll meet such a man. He's 54 and calls himself  "stanemac12" when he's online. He's been chatting with a decoy who says he's a 13-year-old boy with very little sexual experience. "Stanemac12" sends graphic pictures and asks the decoy if he wants to play with him. Watch as he interacts with our actor playing the role of the boy.

What do you think he does for a living? Based on his chat, I'm guessing you're not thinking that he's a teacher. And that is exactly what he says he's done for more than 20 years. "Stanemac12" teaches math to middle school students in Dallas, kids who are the same age as the boy he's here to meet. And as you'll see, he's not the only man who surfaces who comes from a surprising profession.  

8:56 p.m. 
So far you've only met about half of the men who showed up at our hidden camera house in Texas. Next week you'll meet the rest: former clergy, a potential predator arrested twice in one week, and an assistant district attorney in a nearby county. He refuses to open the door for police and later pulls out a gun...with deadly consequences.

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