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In defense of Howard K. Stern

On Dateline Saturday, we reported on the life and death of Anna Nicole Smith. Included in the 3-part report was an interview with Trim Spa CEO Alex Goen, a close friend of Anna Nicole and Howard K. Stern.

In the interview, Goen revealed that Smith's house in the Bahamas was broken into, but that the baby is safe and that Anna's will is in Stern's hands. 

Here are a few more quotes from that interview.

On how Howard is doing
GOEN: First 12 hours or so, he was sobbing non-stop, having difficulty catching his breath.  I mean, and understand he lost his wife.  He lost someone that he catered to for the last, almost 15 years of his life.

On the house getting broken into
GOEN: Thank God Howard was very clever. In fact, when Anna passed, he recognized that Dannielynn could be somewhat unsafe in the house, even though she was in very good care—told the people watching the baby—who are very close friends of Howard's—actually family members—to take the baby to an undisclosed location for safety… He made sure Dannielynn Hope was completely secure.

I found out the house was broken into.  And many, many items have been taken from the house.  And  Howard has to deal with a house that's been broken into-- who knows where that-- the materials are going to end up?  

On the baby
GOEN: She's safe.  And she's at a private location.  And I think the best thing for her safety is to keep it private.... The baby is not a public person, hasn't made a decision to be in the public spotlight.... I'd rather just say that the baby is safe.  Howard is very concerned about the baby.  And Howard called this one right.  He called it right.  You have to say in a very tragic situation he made sure Dannielynn Hope was safe.  And thank God he moved the baby outta the house that got broken into.

Does Anna have a will?
GOEN:  Think about this.  I mean, if the will was at the house and nowhere else, whoever broke in could've had the will.  He did have the will in another location as well.  And there's, I'm sure, other issues along those same lines that he has to deal with. You know, everybody says you should have duplicate set of documents in different locations.  Even lawyers should probably know that.  But I mean, how many people do that?

On suspicions around Howard
GOEN: I just ask that people give him number one, the benefit of the doubt and number two-keep him in their thoughts and prayers.  Just think about how difficult it must be for him. This was a person that was not only a caring person and loving, he went overboard when it came to his care and love and protection of Anna.  So, for there to be an allegation that he could have something to do with this-- I think it's very unfortunate.

Comments from Dateline viewers have been a mixture of suspicion about Stern, frustration with the media, and thoughts and prayers for the late centerfold. Click here to read some of what's been said.