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A "mea culpa" from one of the men in the last 'predator' report

Today, one of the men featured in our "To Catch a Predator" report posted a "mea culpa" on his Web site.

28-year-old Alvin King was seen in "To Catch a Predator" Long Beach last Tuesday.  He  was arrested, although he never entered the undercover house. He was picked up by Long Beach police at a nearby park as he met a decoy pretending to be a 13-year-old girl.  We later learned that he runs a site featuring pictures of women's feet.

He pleaded no contest to one count of an attempted lewd act upon a child, and to  one count of attempting to send harmful matter.

He posted this message on his blog:

I have received quite a few scary messages from people out there; but there have also been quite a few bright spots; from people who understand what it is that I'm trying to say.

"Again, none of this absolves my actions; I know what I did was wrong; But I do want everyone to know that I am not a pedofile. That's not what motivated my actions at all."

For those who have requested - The chat log is on the perverted justice website. I will decline to post a link, as I do not want to send taffic their way (voluntarily).

I'm sorry for what I've done. I regret putting myself in this situation; the rest of my responses will have to be limited on this issue; you are all welcomed to share your thoughts.

For those who are curious, below is the first part of their chat log. The difficult thing about producing "To Catch a Predator" is that it's hard to get across how graphic and disturbing these chats truly are. If you read the transcript below, it's clear that King starts the conversation, knew he was talking to a 13-year-old, is aware of "To Catch a Predator" on NBC, and is the first one to turn the conversation graphic and  sexual.

solepleaser (09/08/06  6:39:36 PM): hello
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  7:26:55 PM): hi
solepleaser (09/08/06  8:50:26 PM): whats up
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:35:37 PM): hi
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:35:54 PM): whats up
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:36:00 PM): nuthin
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:36:04 PM): hang on a sec
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:36:13 PM): ok....
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:36:18 PM): you've had me on hold alll day though
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:36:22 PM): i dont think im interested now
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:36:24 PM): take care
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:36:32 PM): fine
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:44:56 PM): bye
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:45:04 PM): i hate rude inconsiderate women
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:45:32 PM): im not im sorry
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:45:43 PM): where are u from
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:45:55 PM): cali
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:46:03 PM): where in cali
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:46:28 PM): long beach
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:46:36 PM): oh ok
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:46:42 PM): asl?
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:46:48 PM): 28 male carson
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:46:54 PM): kewl
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:47:00 PM): how old are u
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:47:06 PM): 13
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:47:11 PM): 13?
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:47:17 PM): yea
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:47:48 PM): hello
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:47:52 PM): hi
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:48:02 PM): do u have a cam
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:48:08 PM): no lol 
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:48:11 PM): :)
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:48:13 PM): wha u look like
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:48:21 PM): like a guy :P
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:48:25 PM): got any older sisters?
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:48:26 PM): lol
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:48:29 PM): no
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:48:42 PM): i'd go to jail for hookin up with u :P
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:48:47 PM): huh
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:48:54 PM): i said...
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:48:59 PM): i would go to jail if i hooked up with u
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:49:08 PM): how come
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:49:14 PM): b/c i like to suck on toes
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:49:17 PM): and... ya know
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:49:22 PM): have girls go down on me...
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:49:23 PM): lol thats funny
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:49:36 PM): and if we hooked up.... that stuff isn't legal :P
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:49:50 PM): wuld u tell on me?
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:50:09 PM): more like, u would tell on me lol
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:50:14 PM): what do u look like?
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:50:20 PM): i have a pic on my pro
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:50:45 PM): cool
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:50:48 PM): nice pic
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:50:56 PM): thanx
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:51:19 PM): how tall are u
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:51:36 PM): like 5 2
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:51:47 PM): u like being barefoot I see
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:51:48 PM): :)
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:51:58 PM): how u no?
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:52:09 PM): your myspace
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:52:24 PM): lol u like feet lol
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:52:40 PM): yes
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:52:41 PM): :)
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:52:48 PM): are u a cop
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:52:57 PM): posing undercover to catch "online predators" ...
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:53:15 PM): no wtf r u talking about
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:54:30 PM): lol
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:54:35 PM): don't u watch dateline?
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:54:42 PM): no whats that
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:54:43 PM): just gotta make sure
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:54:47 PM): :)
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:54:52 PM): tell me
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:54:58 PM): it's a show on NBC
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:55:11 PM): they take guys to jail for messing around with young girls
samantha_gurl01 (09/08/06  9:55:25 PM): no way hahaha
solepleaser (09/08/06  9:55:41 PM): yes way