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A repeat 'predator' in our eighth investigation

by Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent

Some of the screen names are as frightening as the conversations the potential predators are having with the young teens they think they're talking to online. A 29-year old unemployed computer technician is using the name "can_I_rape_you_" in a sexually charged conversation with a girl who told him she was 13. In graphic detail, he lists the sex acts he wants to perform with the girl. When she types back that it sounds like some of them could be painful the man responds "ya, but it's a good pain ya know."

Of course the girl is really a decoy with the online watchdog group Perverted Justice which has again teamed up with Dateline for another "To Catch A Predator" investigation-- this time in Long Beach, Ca.

The potential predator, Michael Warrecker later tells the decoy: "I like rape" but, then explains that he doesn't really want to rape the girl "just rough sex…I'd want you to resist and pretend that you don't like it and stuff." He also tells her: "I might want to cut you a little…suck on your blood lol."

Later, when he shows up at our undercover house for his date, I confront him and he tells me he was just coming to "hang out." That excuse, however, does not explain the scary movie, video camera, and lubricant he brought with him. Warrecker has since pleaded no contest to charges of an attempted lewd act on a child. He received credit for 120 days time served in jail, has to take sex offender classes and has to register as a lifetime sex offender. Any violation and he could face four years in prison.

Warrecker is one of 38 men arrested in the Long Beach investigation, our eighth. It ends up being a challenging three days for the Dateline crew and for the Long Beach police which ran a parallel investigation and arrested the suspects once they left the house.

One of the issues in Long Beach is that several of the men have apparently seen some of our previous investigations and once they figure out what they've just walked into and answered my questions, they don't want to leave. They know what's going to happen next.

Such is the case with another man you'll meet in Long Beach. He's actually someone we've met before. When 26-year old Michael Siebert walks into our house, we know all about him. Unbelievably, we'd met him before. Eight months before Long Beach, Siebert shows up in our Riverside, Ca investigation. I confront him and he's arrested and charged. On the day before he shows up in Long Beach, he's in court on the Riverside charge. He even talks about his court date in his chat with the decoy posing as a 13-year-girl. Siebert's lawyer told us he has severe mental issues and has pleaded not guilty to in both cases.

And while he may appear to be a sad case, we find out he's served a year in prison for a dangerous assault and Perverted Justice tells us that he has had at least three other sexual chats with decoys posing as underage girls.

As you'll see on Tuesday's report, Siebert won't be the only man who has been caught chatting online with young teens before. You'll also meet another potential predator in Long Beach who has an elaborate plan for a young girl, a plan that involves a lot of travel.

There's also a "To Catch A Predator" first: While we are working in Long Beach, someone-- we don't know who-- has found out we're in town and posted a warning on the popular website CraigsList.

Inspite of that, we saw the second highest number of men in any of our investigations.

The "To Catch a Predator" report from Long Beach, California-- Dateline Tuesday, Jan. 30, 8 p.m.